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Race to Zero Climate & Health Dialogue

Nov 9, 2020

The Race to Zero Climate & Health Dialogue on November 9th 2020 will bring local to global actors together to place health and equity at the center of ambitious climate action. Through a series of virtual events, hosted throughout a 24-hour period, the dialogue will envision how a healthy, equitable recovery from COVID-19 can drive rapid decarbonization of the world economy. [br] The climate & health dialogue will present initiatives, case-studies and interventions for a healthy, climate-resilient and climate-just future across several priority areas of action: Adaptation & resilience; Nature; Energy transition; Zero carbon road transport; and Finance.

This virtual event will take place on November 9, as a part of the November Race to Zero Dialogues organized by UNFCCC in partnership with the High-Level Climate Champions. It will pave the way to the 2021 Global Conference on Health and Climate Change and the COP26 UN climate change conference to be held in Glasgow, UK in November 2021. [br] The event is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with Race to Zero, the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA), the Wellcome Trust, Glasgow Caledonian University and its Centre for Climate Justice, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, and the Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. [br] Session speakers will include representatives from cities, regions, businesses and civil society from sectors such as health, biodiversity, transport, economy and energy, as well as scientists, policy makers, celebrities, local authorities and mayors, government representatives, representatives from vulnerable communities and youth leaders. [br] For any questions regarding this event, please contact the WHO climate team.

Introductory Webinar: Satellite Remote Sensing for Urban Heat Islands

Nov 10, 2020 - Nov 24, 2020

November 10, 17, & 24, 2020 10:00-11:30 EST (Session A) or 16:00-17:30 EST (Session B) The rapid growth of urban populations, the urban heat island (UHI) effect, and a potential increase in the frequency and duration of heat waves due to climate change, raise a series of issues about the increased health risks of sensitive urban populations to extreme heat and the effective means of mitigating impacts of heat waves. According to the US EPA, urban heat islands affect energy consumption, elevate greenhouse gas emissions, and impair water quality by increasing the temperature of urban water runoff. This will be ARSET's first training on UHI and will be in collaboration with the National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) and the Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN). This training will address the use of remote sensing in determining where "hot spots" of land surface temperature are located in urban areas, why these areas are experiencing increased temperature, which populations are most vulnerable, and ways to mitigate the effects through adaptive land use planning.

2nd Global Forum on Heat and Health

Postponed to 2021

The 2nd Global Heat Health Forum, originally scheduled for July 28-31 in Copenhagen, will be postponed until 2021. Virtual events were held in summer 2020 in lieu of the in-person Forum.  

Adaptation Futures 2020

Postponed to 2021

The Energy and Resources Institute will co-host the Adaptation Futures 2020 with the World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP) in Delhi from 28 September - 1 October, 2020. It is the sixth in the Adaptation Futures international conference series on global adaptation and the first to be held in Asia. Adaptation Futures is the flagship event of the World Adaptation Science Program, which is one of the four components of World Climate Programme (WCP) based on the World Meteorological Organization Congress XVI Resolution 18. As a premier event in the global adaptation spectrum, Adaptation Futures is a unique platform to facilitate dialogues towards action oriented solutions from a diverse range of stakeholders that includes academia, practitioners, scientists and policy makers from across the world.

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